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Get Your Hands On The Best Smartwatch 2017 Has To Offer


Do you have a smartphone? Well, of course! Who doesn’t? Smartphones have become a necessity in everyday communication. And now, say hello to smartwatches. Having just a smartphone is not going to be enough anymore. With the technological developments and introduction of cool gadgets on the rise, smartwatches are the in thing today!


Best Smartwatch 2017


And just like smartphones, these smartwatches have different models and varieties being introduced in the market, on a regular basis too. While companies are trying to create a place for themselves in this technology race, there are more companies stepping into the race. The result? Too many products with similar features to choose from. It is nothing short of a huge confusion when it comes to buying the right smartwatch for you.

Wondering what your options are? Read on to find out which is the best smartwatch 2017, so that you don’t spend your money on an outdated model.

Why Do You Need A Cheap Smartwatch?

Smartphones and Smartwatches are no more just a luxury. The gadget loving generation has made these watches a must have and hence the budget considerations. Not everyone can afford high end smartwatches that are compatible only with the high end smartphones. Makers have seen this gap in the industry and have been smart enough to tap into it by bringing you the cheap smartwatches.

No, they don’t compromise on the quality of features, just because the price is low. There are many brands that are coming up with competitive features at very competitive prices. When you want to keep up with the technology, yet not burn a hole in your pocket, you need the best cheap smartwatch that is available in the market.

Again, when there are a number of models coming out at regular intervals, sometimes by the same brand itself, one can be very confused when it comes to choosing the right watch for you. It is for this reason that you need comprehensive reviews that will not only give a quick to glance through list but will also give you the basic specs and available information to help you make the right choice.

All these smartphones and smartwatches, get outdated in no time. There is no point in owning an older model of smartwatch, just because it was sold at a pocket friendly price. You can still but the latest smartwatch in the market and not spend all your hard earned money.

The Best Smartwatches For You In 2017

Here is a list of 8 smartwatches that are expected to hit the market in 2017.

1. Google’s Angelfish – Likely To Compete For The Best Smartwatch 2017



Google’s Angelfish


Google is expected to launch this Lenovo’s Moto 360 design inspired watch, in later part of 2017. This Google’s Angelfish watch is expected to be packed with features such as GPS, LTE and a heart rate monitor. The best thing about such watches is that, you just wear it and your health is monitored all the time. There is also a possibility for this watch to have the Android wear 2.0 Os. Now this will be an interesting watch to look out for. Not just for the features but also for the beloved Moto 360 design, enhanced with buttons whose functions are yet unknown.

2. Google’s Swordfish – A Pocket Friendly Cheap Smartwatch



Google’s Swordfish


Google seems to be in love with the fishes. This model, the Google’s Swordfish will be a little sober when compared to the Angelfish. Though it will have the same features like the GPS, LTE and heart rate monitor, the display will be little restrained when compared to the Angelfish, with just a single button – whose function is also yet unknown. This may also come with an Android Wear 2.0 Os, contending for one of the best cheap Smartwatch.

3. HTC’s Halfbreak – One More Among The Cheap Smartwatches



HTC’s Halfbreak


HTC’s Halfbreak will look like any other regular wrist watches, with its round OLED screen, unlike the other smartwatches that are square or rectangular in shape. The screen is expected to have a resolution of 360×360 pixels, possibly with a gorilla glass for protection. It is also believed that HTC could have teamed up with another company to come up with these watches. This watch will also help you monitor your health with its inbuilt heart rate monitor located at the back of the watch.

4. Microsoft’s Surface Watch – To Be Considered If You Want The Best Smartwatch 2017



Microsoft’s Surface Watch


When every other brand is coming up with a smartwatch, how can Microsoft not? The Surface tag, well known for Microsoft’s PCs, hybrids and laptops, is believed to be working on the smartwatch too. The Surface phone, which is still just a rumor and yet to get any authentic confirmation is also expected to be launched along with the Surface watch. Contrary to general belief that Microsoft has stepped out of the smartphone and smartwatch fields, these products are expected to be launched in 2017 and create history in the industry.

The only information available as of now about the watch is that, it will have an Oxynitride Aluminum body and be more solid harder than other watches that are made with ordinary metals.

5. OnePlus’s Smartwatch – The Best Cheap Smartwatch?


OnePlus’s Smartwatch



Though the head of the company has denied coming up with a smartwatch, the industry still believes OnePlus will not step out of the race. OnePlus revolutionized the Smartphones by introducing phones with high specs and RAM under an unbelievable price range. When all the companies were going in for “better phones higher prices” this company challenged it and succeeded. Hence the expectation for a smartwatch in 2017, from this company is strong.

6. Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 – Could Well Be The Best Smartwatch 2017

This 3rd generation smartwatch will be an upgrade from its 2nd generation model. Known for its smartwatches, Lenovo is expected to come up with a unique design for its 3rd Gen smartwatch in 2017. This watch will be water resistant and usable in deep waters too, as it will have an IP67.


Motorola’s MOTO 360 3


Though the final design of the watch yet unknown, it is believed the makers will come up with a more flamboyant design, that may look completely different from it s previous versions. Like other smartwatches, this model will also have LTE and GPS. In addition to these features, you will also have a front camera with a good resolution too.

7. Sony’s Smartwatch 4 – A Sure Contender For The Best Smartwatch 2017

Yes, Sony has stepped out of the smartphone and the laptops industry, but they were a huge success in the smartwatch industry with their smartwatch 3. Rumored to hit the markets in later half of 2017, this smartwatch is expected to change the total game and introduce many new features in this industry. While the world is shifting from plastic money to pay through your phone, this watch is expected to have the Android Pay option, to enable you to pay through your phone.


Sony’s Smartwatch 4


With an improved speaker, sleeker design and a more accurate GPS, this smartwatch is something you are never going to want to take off. Also, why worry about the battery running out of charge when, in all probability, this smartwatch will come with the latest technology of fast charging.

8. Huawei’s Watch 2 – For All Those Looking For Cheap Smartwatches

This second model smartwatch from Huawei is expected to have better technology and execution than its former model. Designed to be more sleek and light, this could be a watch that will attract the ladies. This could also be the second 4G watch after Urbane by LG. the design of the watch is expected to be simple and delicate with simple dials and keen elements. Though the specifications have not been released for this watch, it is expected to be more intense than the previous version.


Huawei’s Watch 2


Huawei, a brand that is creating a name for itself for new gadgets and gears, is trying to attract all types of crowds. While many have forgotten the delicate and sleek preference by many women, this brand is expected to use that gap in the market and introduce the right wearable for the women folk. This Huawei Watch II will be a direct successor to the original Huawei Watch.


Gone are the days where you can invest in one of these smart technologies and stay content with it for years. In today’s fast changing technology, you need to update your assets as and when newer products are introduced in the market. It is always a step above the previous model. Hence you gain more as you buy the latest product.

When you are looking out for cheap smart watches, you want nothing but the best cheap smartwatch in the market. Considering just the price factor is not enough to get you the best smartwatch 2017, you need to look into other parameters as well.

There may be watches which are slightly more expensive than the cheapest smartwatch, but it would be loaded with features. One should always consider the price and the benefits offered by the watch, before selecting the one for you.

With reviews like this, it is easier to make your choice and you are a step closer to owning the best smartwatch 2017 has to offer.