11 Interesting features found in today’s smartwatches that say you are cool

All devices have become smart and watches too have become smartwatches. There are a plethora of features that can be beneficial to you. But the “best smartwatch 2017” will have some cool features that will make you the cool guy or girl among the group. There is a speculation that Apple watch has an extensive list of cool stuffs when compared to some of the best cheap smartwatches in the market. In spite of being cheap smart watches, they also have some special features. Here we will look into 11 cool features that a smartwatch can offer (Both Apple watch and other watches are discussed here).


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1. Syncs music:

We all love to listen to music while working out; especially while going for jogging or running. Most of the cheap smart watches have the option to sync the music with your phone, so we can be sure that high-end smartwatches will have this facility by default.

2. Check your calendar:

You do not have to worry about missing any appointments now onwards. Even the best cheap smartwatch on your wrist will notify you about your appointments in case you forget.

3. Send and receive messages:

This is another cool feature that you get with your smartwatches. You do not have to pick up your smartphone in your hands. You can do that from your smartwatch (sending and reading messages).

4. Control room temperature:

Well, this is a feature that is unique to Apple watch till now. Apple has come into an agreement with Honeywell to collaborate with its smart thermostat to control the room temperature.

5. Watch over your kids:

In the best smartwatches you can find features like alerting you if your kid is crying or is awake from the nap. You would have already seen this facility in Samsung Gear S.


cheap smartwatch


6. Remote camera:

This is a unique feature that you can see in Pebble smartwatches. You can use an app from Pebble store to capture photos using your phone. The advantage is you can keep the camera on standby at a place or on a stand and click the photo. This is a cool feature that can come handy when you are taking a family photo or group photo.

7. Pay using Apple Pay:

Another feature that is available only through Apple watch is the option to pay through Apple Pay. Apple Pay is just a digital wallet which will work with Apple products and you can use it to pay at stores.

8. GPS enabled directions:

You will be familiar with the directions from your smartphone’s navigation app. Just like that, you can get the directions from your smartwatches.

9. Weather forecast:

You can use the best smartwatch 2017 to predict the weather conditions. You will get the information like when exactly it is going to rain and the amount of rain you may receive.

10. Hands-free:

Once upon a time mobile was called as “Hands-free”. But now smartwatches are the real hands-free because you can talk to it to get things done by your smartphone. You do not have to take the phone in your hands.

11. Control by gesture:

Most of the smartwatch users are unaware about this trick. You can control your smartwatch with your wrist’s gestures. For example, in some Android Wear smartwatches, by moving your arm up takes the screen back.

Above were some of the cool features that you can see in the best smartwatch 2017. I found these interesting, however, there are more cool features in these little smart devices you wear on your wrists.

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