Best Cheap smartwatches for nerds

We all are aware of the fact that Apple launched its latest Apple Watch two months ago. Even when we are sure about the features that can be offered by one of the going-to-be best smartwatch 2017, you may find that the Apple watch is expensive. It is not necessary that your watch should be expensive to get the best features. So, to help those geeks who want to experiment with the cheap smart watches, I have included 5 products that can be considered among the best cheap smartwatch.


best cheap smartwatch


Sony smartwatch 2:

This waterproof (you can even immerse this in the water) and dust resistant smartwatch from Sony comes with a battery life of four days. Sony smartwatch 2 will work with any smartphone or tablet that is running on Android 4.0 or later.


best cheap smartwatch


You can download any app from the PlayStore and this is the most stylish one (you can select the strap style from the 24 available options) in the cheap smart watches. You even have the option to develop apps for Sony Smartwatch 2. You can get it for $114.99 and the price may increase if you want to have a metal strap.

Cookoo 2:

While I was searching for the best cheap smartwatches online I saw this product from the company called “ConnecteDevice”. I have included it in this list based on the features listed on their official website and felt that it is worth considering.


best cheap smartwatch


This smartwatch runs on button-cell battery that can last up to one year.  This smartwatch gives you the information about your emails, messages, missed calls, events, and alarms. You will even get notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social networks. The price of this smartwatch is between $99.99 and $149.99 ($99.99 is the offer price).

LG watch urbane:

LG watch urbane is a classy smartwatch which will not look like a smartwatch. The smartwatch can monitor your heart’s functions and has sensors like accelerometer, gyroscopic movements, and geometric sensor.


best cheap smartwatch


The watch functions with the help of the smartphone with Android OS 4.3 or later. You can just answer or disconnect the call. You need the phone to talk. The price starts from $179.99

Alcatel OneTouch smartwatch:

The next one in my list of cheap smart watches is the OneTouch smartwatch from Alcatel. This smartwatch is water and dust protected and you can use this as a running watch too. You can track your activities like running, walking, and jogging.


best cheap smartwatch


When the watch is connected to the smartphone you can control your phone from smartwatch. Attending calls, receiving notifications, camera, music, and messages.  The starting price is $82.44 and you get it in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large) that can be selected while ordering the product.

Fitbit surge:

This is the highest priced one in this list. The Fitbit Surge is the first one of its kind (GPS enabled smartwatch from Fitbit). With the daily activity tracker this smartwatch can track the distance you travelled, elevation, pace, and even review your routes using the GPS tracking. Fitbit promises you 7 days of battery life and using the SmartTrack technology you can record the workout details automatically (according to your workout). Any notification from your smartphone will be displayed on your smartwatch screen. This can be considered as ”best smartwatch 2017” because you get all these features for $249.99.


best cheap smartwatch


Above are the best cheap smartwatches that can be used by nerds. Other than Cookoo2 smartwatch all the other watches use USB charging method to recharge their batteries. I would have mentioned about Pebble watch if the company did not stop manufacturing smartwatches in December 2016.

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