The Most-Searched Buying Guide of the Best Smartwatch under 200 with 5 Reviews

 Nokia SteelASUS ZenWatch 2Fossil Q JacquelineTimex IQ+ MoveTicwatch E
Yay!Automatic Bluetooth syncCorning Gorilla Glass 3Interchangeable Straps3 colors availableProximity, Accelerometer, e-Compass, Gyroscope
Nay!Scratch prone glassNo heart rate sensorBulkyNo strap customizationNo display protection

Why settle for watches that can only show time rather than one that is a mini computer?

Some of the latest smartwatches have features than can be almost equivalent to a smartphone. Although prices of some of these can go over $300, you can find a best smartwatch under 200 as well.

Before the smartwatch revolution, they only used to have a handful of features like games and calculator. Nowadays, smartwatches can connect to your smartphone and show all notifications like call, messages, social media, emails, and others.

best smartwatch under 200

Moreover, smartwatches have become a trend for athletes as well. Some of them also include a fitness tracker comprising of a pedometer.

Smartwatches eliminate the need for checking your phone every now and then. They add more convenience for the overly busy individuals while also showing its one of the most significant features – time.

Here I am providing a brief review of the top 5 smartwatches in the market right now. However, before going there, here is a buying guide so that you can pick the right one.

Smartwatch Buying Guide:


As display is one of the crucial features of a smartwatch, so, you have to make sure that it is visually competent. Smartwatches typically have 3 types of displays:

  • LCD –

    Liquid Crystal Display or LCD perform efficiently under sunlight due to the presence of a backlit. However, these displays consume more power and are comparatively thicker than the ones mentioned below.

  • AMOLED –

    Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode or AMOLED displays are based on the fundamentals of a TFT screen. These are thinner than LCDs and also consume less power. These displays can make it difficult for viewing under bright conditions.

  • OLED –

    Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED works similar to that of an AMOLED display. Smartwatches with OLED display can be less expensive than AMOLED ones although they might consume higher power.

Depending on your budget, you can go with either one of these displays as all of them have minor differences amongst them.


Compatibility will be the next feature that you should look for when buying the best smartwatch under 200. As you will connect the device to your smartphone, so, compatibility is crucial.

Most smartwatches work with Android smartphones, however, the problem lies with iPhones. Only a limited number of smartwatches are compatible with iPhones except the ones manufactured by Apple.

While some smartwatches running the Android Wear operating system might work with iPhone, I have seen some of their features to be inaccessible. However, many top brands manufacture products that not only can accompany an Android smartphone, but, also an Apple one.


Smartwatches either come with a metal strap or a silicone one. However, some companies also offer strap customizations with their devices.

Several brands also give users the option to change them and fit a new one. Several smartwatches come with a quick-release button that makes it easier for removing the straps.

In fact, I have seen third-party companies manufacturing straps and bands compatible with most popular smartwatches as well.


Some smartwatches come with the option to install apps, although the number of available ones differs with operating systems.

Android Wear will let you install apps directly from the device itself. On the other hand, to install an app on an Apple Watch, users have to go through their iPhones first.

However, Apple offers the most apps with their smartwatches – around 20,000. Smartwatches running Samsung’s Tizen operating system have around 1,500 apps.


Smartwatches will provide notifications for calls, messages, and emails with a vibration. In addition, the ones you should go for will show you notification for social media also.

Some brands will also provide you the option to choose which notification you want to see. These settings will have to be configured from your smartphone.


Wireless charging has more or less become popular with smartphones and along with smartwatches. It increases product credibility and provides more convenience.

According to me, battery life is also another priority that you should also consider. Most smartwatches will last around 2 days from a single charge.

On the other hand, the ones with calling capabilities won’t last that long when using that feature.


Many a smartwatch comes with a SIM card slot that will eliminate the need for carrying a smartphone. Connecting the device to a Bluetooth headset will enable you to use the device like a phone.

8.Fitness Trackers

Are you a fitness freak? Then you might want to get a smartwatch that has this feature.

Some smartwatches connect to your smartphone to showcase all the fitness data from the respective app. However, some come with a heart rate monitor and pedometer.

While the heart rate monitor will display your heartbeat, a pedometer can track the number of steps you have taken. In addition, smartwatches can also have integrated GPS while running, walking, or cycling.

9.Buttons vs. Touchscreen

Buttons still remain contemporary with smartwatches as they can provide more convenience to some. While some have buttons similar to traditional watches, few also have a rotating dial for adjustments.

Smartwatches with buttons can come handy for those who have trouble working with small displays.

However, touchscreen smartwatches are comparatively more popular than the ones with buttons due to their ease of use.


Some smartwatches can include a SD card slot which can give you the option to play store music. Connecting a Bluetooth headphone with the device will enable you to listen music on the go.

Moreover, an onboard music app can also give you the freedom for controlling the music present in your smartphone.

Keeping the above features in check will let you to buy the best smartwatch under 200. Other features that you can also check in a smartwatch include water resistance, sleep monitor, Corning Gorilla Glass, pay integration, watch faces, NFC, LTE, and sports modes.

Best 5 smartwatches under $200:

The following are the top smartwatches that come with most of the above-mentioned features, under $200.

1.Nokia Steel

best smartwatch under 200

Donning a simplistic looks comes the Nokia Steel, a smartwatch build for the fitness enthusiast. As the name suggests, this smartwatch has an overall steel body with silicone sport strap, and chrome hands.

One of the prime USPs of this device, according to me, is that it houses a standard button cell watch battery that Nokia claims can last up to 8 months.

The onboard Health Mate app automatically detects when the device comes in contact with water. You can also set an alarm with this app which will wake you up with a subtle vibration.

The Nokia Steel works as the best smartwatch under 200 for all the fitness freaks while also tracking calories burnt, steps taken, and distance covered.

2.ASUS ZenWatch 2

best smartwatch under 200

Coming in array of colors and with two sizes is the ASUS ZenWatch 2. Corning Glass 3 protects the display while IP67 makes this device water resistant.

ASUS’s HyperCharge technology delivers 60% charge in just 15 minutes. The FaceDesigner app from ASUS will enable you to customize its watch faces.

The ZenWatch 2 comes with a built-in Pedometer that can track steps and activity with precision. Moreover, it will also present you with a detailed report of your fitness progress.

Available in either 1.45-inch or 1.63-inch size, the ZenWatch 2 has an AMOLED display delivering brilliant visuals.

3.Fossil Q Jacqueline

best smartwatch under 200

For women, the Fossil Q Jacqueline can present itself as the best smartwatch under 200. A hybrid smartwatch, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Fossil Q Jacqueline showcases all standard notifications like messages, email, calendar alerts, and alarm clock. In addition, it also shows social media notifications and allows controlling their smartphone music player.

Additionally, the Q Jacqueline can also enable your smartphone to take a picture, track your sleep, and monitor the steps you take.

Running on a cell battery, Fossil claims it can last for 6 months; the buttons present can be customized. The Q Jacqueline does not come with a touchscreen, a disadvantage for some.

4.Timex IQ+ Move

best smartwatch under 200

Another hybrid smartwatch, the Timex IQ+ Move comes in Blue, Lime, and Orange colors mixed with Gray & Black.

Its 50m water resistant makes it ideal for short periods of swimming. A standard battery cell coming with this device lasts for almost 1 year.

Activity tracking features will enable you to monitor steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. The Timex IQ+ Move also features sleep tracking to measure deep and light sleep, sleep efficiency, and time awake.

The Indiglo Night-Light feature makes it easier to view the dial in low-light conditions and at night.

Overall the Timex IQ+ Move contains all features to become the best smartwatch under 200; however, it lacks few other popular features coming with other smartwatches in this price range.

5.Ticwatch E

best smartwatch under 200

The Ticwatch E is considered by many to be the best smartwatch under 200. With its Android Wear 2.0 operating system, it presents a range of opportunity to users.

Google Assistant integrated with this device makes it easier to ask questions, send replies, or ask for directions.

Google Fit acts as the ideal solution to track all fitness activities; functioning as a workout coach it tracks walks, runs, heart rate, and more.

Users can sync their music stored in their smartphone with the Ticwatch E and eliminate need for the latter. With Bluetooth, you can connect a headphone and listen to music on the go.

The Ticwatch E is a touchscreen smartwatch with an OLED display and under a handsome price range that makes it desirable.

The list of best smartwatch under 200 is the one mentioned above that comprise of the 5 majors. However, if you are deciding to go with another one, you can follow the buying guide for that.