The 5 Best Smartwatch under 50 Have More Than What Meets the Eye!

 PowerLeadPwah PL-N20Hongyu GT08ANCwearU8 UWatchMartian Watches NotifierWGHL Wearable Bluetooth Touchscreen Smartwatch
Dimensions1.96 x 1.68 x 0.391.6 x 1.9 x 0.54.6 x 1 x 4.210.5 x 1.7 x 1.73.2 x 3.9 x 3.9
USPPrecision measurementSleep monitorLong-distance photo captureSocial media notificationsCompatible with all Android devices
ProsWater resistantRemote cameraPower save modeOLED displayPedometer
ConsNo music playerNo support for Bluetooth headphonesNo SD card supportCompatible only few Android and iOS devicesNo fitness tracker

Smartwatches have become the new trend and are currently going through a revolution in the technical arena. The simplest explanation for a smartwatch – a computer so minuscule, it can sit on a hand.

Manufacturers like Samsung and Apple dominate this arena with their devices sporting some of the unique features. However, these smartwatches come with a significant price tag and are thus unattainable by the common folks.

Best smartwatch under 50

Thus, catering to the masses, numerous underdog brands manufacture best smartwatch under 50 that come with adequate to superior features. From fitness tracker, to OLED display, to music player, they have it all.

Before the 2010s, smartwatches only came with a handful of functions like calculator, games, translator, and also time. Post 2010s, smartwatches have become equivalent to a smartphone, equipping all of the latter’s features. An operating system, Bluetooth, apps, and fitness trackers all comes with a smartwatch as of now.

Smartwatches are ideal for those highly active individuals who don’t want to check their phones every once in a while. Moreover, when individuals go for a run or walk, smartwatches can deliver them with all type of alerts in addition to monitor their workout.

The Ultimate Smartwatch Buying Guide:

Before buying a smartwatch you need to make sure that the features they equip come handy in everyday life. Especially, when buying a best smartwatch under 50, you need to keep a check whether it comes with all the necessities.

Here I am laying down the necessary amenities that smartwatches under 50 needs to include:


Warranty is of utmost importance and should be with the one you go for. Usually these products have a 1 year limited warranty which can come as a benefit when encountering a technical malfunction.


Smartwatch compatibility is one of the major requirements you should check for. Most smartwatches are compatible with Android and can show notifications, receive calls, social media notifications.

However, the compatibility issue you can face with a smartwatch is when you have an iPhone. Smartwatches compatible with iPhones are the ones manufactured by Apple only. Hence, you need to take care when you go for a smartwatch that will work with an iPhone.


Design is also one of the key factors you need to keep a tab on. According to me, several smartwatches come with a giant face that can become uncomfortable to handle in the long-run.


The band material and its size is another component you also need to check for. Smartwatches either come with a silicone band or with a metal one.

While the metal bands, especially stainless-steel ones can deliver striking features and add more style to you, silicone bands can come handy if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Band sizes usually come in sizes of 16mm, 20mm, and 22mm. Depending upon your wrist size, you can choose one that best fits you.

If you don’t prefer any of these like me, you can customize it with a leather or chain-link one. Some bands have a quick-release mechanism that makes it easier to personalize them. Few smartwatch manufacturers give additional band option to consumers with a range of colors. Moreover, there also exist inexpensive bands from other third-party companies that work just fine.

5.Display (best smartwatch under 50)

As the smartwatch will have its base with the display, so, it should be one of the top priorities when shopping for one. Few types of display common amongst smartwatches include:

  • LCD –

LCD or Liquid-Crystal Display produces the images on the screen with the help of a back light. These displays deliver clearer images under bright light settings and sunlight owing to their reflective designs.

  • AMOLED and OLED –

AMOLED or Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode and OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode displays don’t equip a backlit like LCD screens. While AMOLED displays equip a full-color screen, OLED displays have can either have a full, multi, or single color screen.

These displays illuminate each pixels individually and thereby produce high contrast and high monochromes. In addition, AMOLED and OLED displays also consume low battery and are also slim compared to other displays.

  • Black & White –

As these displays don’t produce any color, they can save significant amount of battery life. Some black & white displays come with E-Paper or E-Ink that can enable you to view these displays even in bright outdoors.

Additionally, some of the best smartwatch under 50 either come with a motion activated display or an always-on one. While the former will only lit the display when confronted with a motion, the latter will remain activated all throughout.


Smartwatches either come with a touchscreen or with buttons. While smaller displays can make it harder to work with a touchscreen, buttons makes the job easier.

However, touchscreens are more on the winning side in this cold war as more users prefer them against buttons.


Some of the best smartwatch under 50 also support app installations from app marketplaces. This feature can come in handy when using fitness apps, ride-sharing apps, sports apps, and others.

Top 5 Smartwatches to buy in 2018:

Keeping in mind of all the above mentioned features that you need to keep in check while buying a smartwatch, the following are reviews of 5 smartwatches under $50 that you can opt for.

Note: Not all of the following smartwatches have the features mentioned above; so, exercise caution before buying one of them.  

1.PowerLead Pwah PL-N20

best smartwatch under 50

Delivering superior comfort and flexibility while wearing, the PowerLead Pwah PL-N20 is easily one of the best smartwatch under 50 as experienced by me. For some users, ease of use is the key future they seek for and this smartwatch delivers precisely that.

The Pwah PL-N20 specifically caters to all the fitness enthusiasts owing to its various sensors present in it.  The Pedometer and movement sensor helps me track my fitness and movement. Measurements from these sensors are exceptionally accurate while performing any physical activity.

One of its unique features enables users to take a snapshot of their smartphone when shaking the wrist.

Other USPs of this device include water resistant, dust resistant, and also sweat proof, adding more to it just under the $50 budget

2.Hongyu GT08

best smartwatch under 50

The Hongyu GT08 presents all the features equipped in a smartphone. This smartwatch lets users make phone calls directly from it owing to its support for SIM cards.

GT08’s Bluetooth compatibility is a favorite feature of mine and enables me to connect it with my smartphone as well.  With this feature I am able to control the music player in my phone and other functions as well.

Moreover, an SD card slot in this device will lets me read most types of files and data. With sensors like sleep monitor, reminders, messages, and remote camera, this product easily becomes one of the best smartwatch under 50.

Although supporting Bluetooth and music player, this smartwatch doesn’t enable you to connect it to a wireless headphone. One of its minor cons, this inability gets overshadowed by its other features.

3.ANCwear U8 UWatch

best smartwatch under 50

The ANCwear U8 UWatch, one of the best smartwatch under 50 offers users to connect it with both Android and iPhone devices.

U8 UWatch comes with a staggering 2 year warranties that can some as a USP to several consumers.

Some of the features that make it unique include sleep monitor, rest mode, pedometer, save mode, and long distance photo capture.

With a sensitive and easy to use touchscreen, the U8 UWatch offers more usability to consumers. The battery, one of its powerful features can last from more than 8 hours from a single full charge.

I personally found that its inability to support a SD card can comes as a disadvantage for many.

4.Martian Watches Notifier

best smartwatch under 50

The Martian Watches Notifier is a smartwatch that equips several buttons for ease of access. This device is compatible with select Apple and Android devices which may contribute to one of its downsides.

However, with support for notifications and vibration, it has become my ideal companion as I don’t prefer taking out my smartphones every now and then. Users get to see SMSs, emails, social media notifications, and caller ID with this feature.

The Martian Watches Notifier integrates an OLED screen that can deliver superior graphics making them crispier and detailed.

One of its unique features that I liked the most in this smartwatch – customizable vibration patterns. User can assign custom vibrations to each notification type as per their preference.

5.WGHL Wearable Bluetooth Touchscreen Smartwatch

best smartwatch under 50

The WGHL Wearable Bluetooth offers numerous features along with buttons that makes it one of the best smartwatches under $50.

Abundant watch faces gives users the option to change the interface according to their preference. Ease of viewing test messages, superb battery life, and backlit feature all make it a considerably usable device.

This smartwatch is compatible with all Android devices and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth will let you use this device as a hands-free to receive and make calls. Moreover, Bluetooth will also enable you to sync call logs, phonebook, and headset.

Moreover, a camera present in this device adds more to its USPs. A responsive display along with loudspeaker makes this smartwatch more desirable.

These above-mentioned 5 were some of the best smartwatch under 50 that provide abundant features with them.