Google’s Angelfish – In a race to become the best smartwatch

Smartwatches are not new in the digital market and many people are using them to stay fit. The most commonly used operating system in these watches is Android Wear that needs to connect to a compatible smartphone to operate. There have been discussions about developing OS that does not need a smartphone to work. From the time Google launched the Google Pixel smartphones, there were speculations about a smartwatch with Pixel’s branding. We are expecting two models from Google which will be most probably called Angelfish and Swordfish. We can expect the smartwatches to be launched in the first quarter of 2017, probably by March. This Google’s Angelfish review is a humble attempt to bring the features and facilities that we believe will be in the new smartwatch.

Expected technology and design:

The Operating system:

Google’s Angelfish is expected to come with Android Wear 2.0 an upgraded version of the watch OS developed by Google (Android Wear).


While doing a research for this Google’s Angelfish review I found that most of the information pointed to a Moto 360 similar design for Google’s new watch. Moto 360 has a traditional watch-like design. The smartwatch is also expected to be equipped with two additional buttons different from the smartwatch design. The diameter of the watch will be around 43.5 mm and the smartwatch will be colored in titanium. The color is something that we have to wait for variants.


Well, this is the important factor that will determine a product’s success in any industry. Smartwatches are not different. The watch is expected to support both GPS and LTE technologies for connection. Other features like heart rate monitoring and activity tracker will be available in Google’s Angelfish. This smartwatch will be running like a stand-alone watch, thanks to its LTE technology and Android Wear 2.0.


Since Google has used Qualcomm processor in their Pixel phone we can expect them to use the same manufacturer for their much-awaited smartwatches too. Taking into consideration that Qualcomm has its own Snapdragon chips for wearables that they have launched last year, you can expect the Angelfish to feature with snapdragon chip. But, do not write out Samsung Exynos processor yet.


This smartwatch is going to be much bigger than its Swordfish version and has more of a sporty look. We can expect it to be heavier than some of the smartwatches in the market. When you compare Angelfish with Swordfish, Angelfish is expected to be costlier than the later. If Google is going to come up with a round design that is similar to other products in the market they may not get a warm welcome from the fitness world or the smartwatch market (they expect different from Google). All the negatives mentioned in this Google’s Angelfish review are based on the features that are expected to be present in the smartwatch. Since Angelfish is an attempt by Google to make a smartwatch independent of smartphones, the developers have to include many features in the watch itself. This may make the watch bulkier.

These are the features that we could find from different sources to include in our Google’s Angelfish review. We cannot guarantee you that all these will be there in the smartwatch. Google launches its products in its own events. So let us wait for an event like that to know the truth about this.

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