Google’s Swordfish review – shedding light to Google’s own smartwatch

Rumors are that the search engine giant Google is going to enter into the world of wearables. Google has a reputation of making everything a success except for Android Wear. Google has already announced that they are going to launch Android Wear 2.0 for which they have not finalized a date. We can expect this soon in this year, that is the first quarter of 2017. The names ‘Angelfish’ and ‘Swordfish’ have been on the internet for some time now and are believed to be the names of two smartwatches that Google is going to launch. Google is trying to work with their hardware partners to make the Android Wear 2.0 a success. It is said that for this cause they are going to launch two smartwatches with one of their hardware partners. In the Google’s Swordfish review we try to give a more candid picture of Google’s Swordfish.


In this Google’s Swordfish review we will first look into the positive facts. The Swordfish is going to be a cheaper smartwatch compared to its sibling Angelfish. Google will be launching this for those who do not want to spend much for a smartwatch but still want to understand the benefits of a wearable. The Swordfish will be much lighter (10.6 mm thick) than Angelfish and is comfortable to wear since its dial is not that big (42 mm diameter). Android Wear 2.0 will be the OS on which this smartwatch will be running. One of the important changes that we can expect from upgraded version is the standalone apps that do not need a smartphone to work.


Google’s Swordfish review


The user can give voice commands to the watch using the same ‘Google Now’ feature that was introduced by Google to their smartphone operating systems. The Swordfish will support MODE bands with different colors. These bands can be snapped and swapped as you wish. There are smartwatches in the market that can support MODE bands. Not only that the new smartwatch is expected to support Android Pay – Google wallet that can be used as cards. This smartwatch will be having only one control button, unlike Angelfish model.


Unlike its sibling, Angelfish Swordfish will not have the GPS and LTE technology integrated with it (even though this is yet to be confirmed). Just like the other Android Wear smartwatches Swordfish also will need to be paired with a smartphone to enjoy its full features. This will be achieved by Bluetooth pairing. The design that is circulating the internet shows that the wearable will have a crown button which does not seem matching to the otherwise neat look.

Above is the overall picture of the much-awaited Google smartwatch – Swordfish. Let me tell you that the information that you have read till now in this Google’s Swordfish review can be changed when the smartwatches are really launched. The release date is not yet confirmed by Google but we can expect it by March 2017.

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