HTC’s Halfbreak smartwatch – the first from HTC family

HTC has been manufacturing Android phones for a long time now and they are the only manufacturer that did not enterthe smartwatch market. All its competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola have already started selling smartwatches and developing their own Operating Systems for the wearables. Google already has an OS – Android Wear – for the wearables which is loaded in some of the smartwatches in the market. The news is that HTC is also going to enter the smartwatch market and the company has code named it as ‘Halfbeak’ or ‘Halfbreak’. We are not sure about the name yet. There are images circulating on the internet about this smartwatch and the pictures confirm that it is from HTC. In this HTC’s Halfbreak review let us look into the features that may be present in the much-awaited smartwatch.

Features or positives

The ‘Halfbreak’ will come in a round shape or in other words it will have a 360 x 360 display. The display will most probably be an OLED screen protected with gorilla glass. The pictures also showed collaboration with ‘Under Armour’ a US-based sports equipment and accessories company. This also points to the fact that the smartwatch will rather focus on fitness arena. The smartwatch will also have the heart rate monitoring sensor present on it.


HTC’s Halfbreak review


As per the images, the smartwatch will have silicon straps. The bezel of the watch seems to be made of plastic and has two buttonswhich will have different functionalities. The images of the back side also give a hint at a voice-enabled smartwatch (a microphone is found) that can take voice commands from the user. The magnetic connector for charging is also present at the backside of the smartwatch. Since HTC is a huge manufacturer of Android phones we can expect them to use Android Wear as the OS. These are the information that we could find from the leaked images and we have included them in this HTC’s Halfbreak review.


Next, in our HTC’s Halfbreak review, we will see what can go wrong with this model. Well, other than the images we are not yet sure about the release date of the product and other features offered by it. We can only hope that the plastic bezel used in the smartwatch is a quality one and if HTC did not pull this out they may be facing bigger challenges in the digital market. We are yet to confirm whether HTC will wait till the Android Wear 2.0 launch or not. This will also determine whether the smartwatch will have GPS and LTE technologies integrated with it.

This HTC’s Halfbreak review can provide this information from the images circulating on the internet. We have to wait and watch whether the partnership with ‘Under Armour’ will help HTC in this venture. In summary HTC Halfbreak (or is it halfbeak?) will be a smartwatch running on Android Wear (most probably Android Wear 2.0) with an OLED display.

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