Huawei’s Watch 2 – the best smartwatch at an affordable price?

Writing the Huawei’s Watch 2 review was not an easy task because we are not yet sure about the release date (rumors are that it will be released in September 2017) or the features. The first Huawei’s Watch came with Android Wear and was in harmony with iOS 8 even though not all features were not working when paired with an iPhone. The full round design was matching with the classic Swiss watch designs and was one of the most elegant looking smartwatches at the time it was launched. So, producing something better than that is going to be a difficult task for the company itself. Next, in this Huawei’s Watch 2 review let us see the expected features in the new one.


The rumor is that the operating system that will be used in the Huawei’s Watch 2 will be Samsung’s Tizen OS not Android Wear 2.0. Because of this, the user can expect much better connectivity and options in the Huawei’s Watch 2. Huawei is aiming mainly at the Chinese market and the needs of Chinese market are entirely different than the world market. The news is that Huawei will launch the women’s version first in the market. We can expect the new watch to be light and thinner because its predecessor was a lightweight watch and was fit for everyone.


Huawei’s Watch 2 review


The screen will be a 1.4-inch one and can give you a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The first watch used an AMOLED display and we will have to wait for the release to know what will be used in the second model. The processor used in the first watch was Snapdragon 400 and featured 512 MB RAM. The Huawei’s Watch 2 should be upgraded from this to support LTE and 4G. A snapdragon 2100 processor is the best option here.

The watch will be programmed to support both iOS and Android. Samsung is aiming to use their Tizen as an open source OS, so Huawei can customize the software as they want. In other words, it will be altogether a new watch face in the new Huawei’s Watch 2. Next, we will look into the negatives in this Huawei’s Watch 2 review.

Possible drawbacks

If the company is going to use Tizen OS from Samsung then the customers cannot expect Android Pay to be available in the smartwatch. If the Huawei’s Watch 2 is using Snapdragon 400 processor then there will not be much difference in the performance. This means it will not be optimized for less power conception as the Snapdragon 2100 processor. This also means that the watch may not have the LTE facility. But we can hope that this Chinese giant is not going to disappoint its customers with something that is old.

This Huawei’s Watch 2 review was based on the facts that are being circulated in the market and if they are true we can expect a better smartwatch than the first model. We can also say that its competitors will have a tough competitor to face with.

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