Microsoft’s Surface Watch – a candidate to become the best smartwatch

With the rumors that are spreading about HTC entering the smartwatch market Microsoft was the only manufacturer that had not thought about one; not anymore. The Microsoft Band was the only wearable they have launched till now and it cannot be considered as a smartwatch. That is purely a fitness gadget. Microsoftis going to launch a product with the name Microsoft’s Surface Watch. I have gathered the courage to write this Microsoft’s Surface Watch review after doing some research about this. The news that is circulating on the internet is that the Microsoft’s Surface Watch will look like a tiny Surface. Surface is the name they have given to their tablets and high-end laptops. So the smartwatch will have the shades of Surface.


Microsoft’s Surface Watch review



First, in this Microsoft’s Surface Watch review let us look into the possible positive factors about the smartwatch.

  • Since the wearable is planned to adopt the surface design we can expect this to be a classy and elegant product which will be a pride to wear on.
  • The watch will come with a design that has premium style and a luxurious look
  • The watch is expected to be made with Oxynitride Aluminum which will be solid and stronger than other smartwatches in the market.
  • The Microsoft’s Surface Watch will be powered by Windows 10 Operating System that is tweaked to work on a wearable. Well, we cannot expect Microsoft to use any other OS than their own software.
  • If Microsoft is indeed planning on launching a smartwatch they will make sure that it can make calls, manage messages, mails, and much more.
  • The Microsoft’s Surface Watch will come with a heart rate monitor and other activity sensors to maintain an activity tracker of the user. These sensors will monitor and count the steps, heart rate etc.
  • Expected features of this Surface watch are Wi-Fi, GPS and the option to put a nano sim. This will make the device an independent one.
  • Another feature that user will wish to have is that the watch should be 100% waterproof so that you can wear this even while swimming. We are not thinking about the feasibility of this now.


Next, in the Microsoft’s Surface Watch review we are going to discuss about the possible drawbacks of the model if it is launched in the near future. Since the design that is circulating is similar to surface tablets we can expect the watch dial to be in a square shape. Even the Microsoft Band was in a rectangular shape. If the square shape is going to be big like the pictures show it will not be comfortable to wear. If they do not make this watch an independent one at least it should be compatible with other smartphones in the market. At the hardware level, the memory (RAM) will be something we have to look forward to. If the native Apps cannot be loaded fast enough Microsoft is going to be left behind in the race like some of the competitors.

Here ends our Microsoft’s Surface Watch review. We just have to wait to get a confirmation from Microsoft because there is no news saying that Microsoft is not working on a Surface watch.

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