Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 – A feature filled smartwatch in 2017

Whoever wants to own a smartwatch would have considered Moto 360 as an option because that was the name of the bestselling smartwatch launched by Motorola in 2014. After that Motorola launched Moto 360 2nd generation and now we get the news that they are planning for a Moto 360 3rd generation. In this Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 review we will find what Motorola can offer next in their latest edition of the smartwatch.


First, in this Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 review let us see the expected features. The processor of Moto 360 3 or Moto 360 2017 is the Snapdragon 2100 processor. If this is the case the smartwatch will be coming with LTE feature. The predecessor used a Snapdragon 400 processor so we can expect an upgraded one in this. The Operating system used in both generations was Android Wear and we can expect the company to use Android Wear 2.0 which is yet to be released.

All the sensors like heart rate monitor, gyro, accelerometer, temp-sensor, magnetometer and humidity checker will be present in the new smartwatch. The smartwatch will come with 4GB internal memory and 1GB DDR3 RAM. The 1.40-inch display (at 420 x 360) will be protected by corning gorilla glass 4. We may even see Bluetooth tethering and Wi-Fi in the watch. The battery will have a capacity of 630 mAh.


Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 review



  • The 2100 Snapdragon chipset is designed especially for wearables (smaller and less power hungry) which means the watches will have a better battery life.
  • The Moto 360 3rd generation is expected to be thinner and lighter
  • Since the new smartwatch is going to be running on Android Wear 2.0 the watch face and features will be the latest in technology.
  • If the wearable comes with 4G and LTE, the watch can be used as a phone. This means the user do not have to take out their phones to make calls or send messages.
  • We can expectthis model to be less reliant on smartphones, all thanks to the Android Wear 2.0.

In this Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 review we have tried to list out the positive factors based on the information that we got from the internet.


Next, in this Motorola’s MOTO 360 3 review we will check the possible negatives in the model. If you want to use your smartwatch as a media storage device you cannot expand the internal memory, however, this will not be needed if you are carrying your smartphone. Let us hope that the new Moto 360 model will not have the flat tire that was there in the first two models. Till now we have not got any information about the fashion accessories that will be coming with the new model.

Some of the features that we would wish to see in Moto 360 3rd generation are GPS, waterproof, much affordable price, sharper display and a SIM card slot. The addition of SIM card slot is something that we cannot expect because this will make the Moto 360 3rd generation a bulky one.

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