OnePlus’s Smartwatch – A wish that will not be granted

Before you start reading this OnePlus’s Smartwatch review, let me inform you that the company CEO has already confirmed that the company scrapped the idea of launching a smartwatch. But he also confirmed that they had a plan to launch a smartwatch along with their OnePlus 3 in 2014. Here in this OnePlus’s Smartwatch review, we will see the design and features it would have had if they had launched it.

The company is concentrating on the smartphone market as of now and is going to stay like that for some time. They have succeeded in making their smartphones a big hit. They were able to give high-end technology at an affordable price. This proved that the decision to scrap the idea of a wearable was a smart move. Since Xiaomi was taking over the smartphone market OnePlus had to think about surviving first than launching a new product to the market.


The smartwatch was to come in a round shape with a snap-in strap like the MODE bands that are now in the market. There are sketches of this watch that are being circulated on the internet. In this OnePlus’s Smartwatch review I would like to add that this design would have been a unique one in the market.


OnePlus’s Smartwatch review


The build:

The company had decided that the display will be an OLED display protected by Sapphire glass. The curved battery will be at one end of the strap that will be snapped into the dial of the watch. The border of the watch dial was known to be made of titanium and the bands would have been made of leather.

According to the rumors that floated over online media was that the technology used by this watch will be Q1 technology. The body of the watch was supposed to be made removable in order to switch out for different straps. The design shows a release button when pressed will pop out the dial from the strap.

There is no information about the operating system that the watch would have used. We can assume that it would have been Android Wear since they use Android on their smartphones. We cannot list out any negatives in this OnePlus’s Smartwatch review since the company itself has scrapped the idea of launching a smartwatch. Without more details about the technical specifications, we cannot even guess what would have gone wrong if at all the wearable was launched. The company would have weakened the OnePlus smartphone line if they had launched the smartwatch because‘wearables’ is not yet a booming market.

Other than the sketch that was shared by the CEO of the company there is no information about the features, operating system, or any other specifications. But from what he said we can understand that the company is not going to enter the smartwatch market anytime soon. Let us hope that this smartphone manufacturer who was able to market a smartphone filled with features at an affordable price will rethink about their decision to scrap the idea of the smartwatch in the future.

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