What to see while buying a smartwatch – Making the right choice

This is the time of Smart devices and Smartwatches have become famous just like the smartphones. Are you in search of the best smartwatch 2017? Then you are at the right page.  It is not enough that you buy the best smartwatch 2017 or the best cheap smartwatch. You need to consider so many aspects before finalizing on a model. To help you out, here we are going to list out the features you have to look into while selecting a smartwatch. Now we will see features of cheap smart watches.


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Once you have made up your mind to buy a smartwatch, make a list of models (include both cheap smart watches and high-end branded ones) that you wish to consider. Then check for the below factors in all those models and compare.

Basic Features:

The first thing you have to check before buying a smartwatch is the features offered by it and whether it will satisfy your needs. The basic features you have to look for in the best smartwatch 2017 are display of time, date, heart rate sensor, activity tracker, and show notifications from your smartphone. If you are a sports person you may also need the GPS tracking facility which is not available in all Smartwatches.

Battery life:

Another important aspect that you need to check out is the battery life. Let me remind you that Smartwatches with more features need better battery life. For example, a GPS-enabled device will drain the battery faster than the device without the GPS. Buy the one with the longest battery life without compromising on features. While checking about the battery you have to check the charging method too. The preferable method is by micro USB port because you will get a USB cable even if you forget to take its charger with you. There are few models that can be directly plugged into your computer or laptop like a pen drive. So, consider the charging method also along with the battery life.


We all know that most of the Smartwatches in the market serve your purpose with the help of a smartphone. So you have to check whether the smartwatch that you are going to buy will work with your smartphone. For example, if you have an iPhone with you the best choice for you will be an Apple watch. If you buy an Android Wear smartwatch to connect with an iPhone, you will not be able to enjoy the full features of the smartwatch. You may have got one of the best cheap smart watches, but if it does not work with your smartphone the money is wasted.

Make of the smartwatch:

It is not always necessary that only branded products will give you a quality product. But it is always wise to check for the manufacturer before you buy because well-known brands tend to produce quality products.


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Customization options:

When I said customization, I meant both the hardware features and software features. You should be able to change the style of the smartwatch. So when you select a model check whether the strap has a standard fitting and whether you have color options. Just like that check whether you can install a variety of apps to accomplish your tasks.


The last thing you have to check is the cost of the smartwatch that you want to buy. If you ask me I would say buy the best cheap smartwatch that has all the features and works well with your smartphone. You can get watches even for $50 or $60 but, the cheap Smartwatches that has everything you need will come in between $100 to $400.

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