5 Smartwatch for Teenager Reviews You Should Not Miss Out in 2018

 Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2Samsung Galaxy Gear S R750ASUS ZenWatch 2 Gunmetal Gray 41mmMotorola Moto 360Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch
ColorsSilver Charcoal Black, Frost WhiteGunmetal, Silver, Rose goldBlack Leather, Black Metal, Rose Gold/Blush Leather, Silver/Cognac LeatherRed, White, Black
Operating systemWear OS by Google™ Tizen-based wearable platformAndroid Wear, upgradable to 2.0Android Wear, upgradable to 2.0Android and iOS
USPActivity TrackingVoice memo/dial/commandsMP3 player
- Voice dial/commands
Qi wireless chargingReceive notifications including Caller ID, e-mail, calendar, text messages, social media, bank alerts, news headlines and games fitness stats, Phone Leash, Find Phone
Dimension46 x 22 x
14 mm
39.9 x 58.1 x 12.5 mm49.6 x 40.7 x 10.9 mm46 x 46 x 11.4 mm96 x 16 pixel

Smartwatch for teenager – While traditional watches were dominating the market for decades, smartwatches have entered into the scene as a potential competitor. As the smartphones overtook the market of keypad mobiles which once outstripped the era of telephones, it’s not too hard to assume that these modest watches will get replaced by the smart generation.

Smartwatch for Teenager

Tech companies have recently realized the importance of incorporating smart features on watches that can work like smartphones. Now, companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung and other top tech players have launched and popularized smartwatches. They have also launched smartwatch for teenager with an attractive look.

How does smartwatches work?

Smartwatch is the reflection of your aesthetic taste that comes with a variety of features. The most common feature of a smartwatch is that it displays messages and notifications from your phone.

Here is a list of other great features that makes smartwatches really smart.

  • Incredible apps-

    It comes with a list of useful apps that gives an ultimate user experience. For example you can hail with a few clicks on your wrists.

  • Answer phone calls-

    You can answer phone calls from your wristwatch without taking your phone out of your pocket. You can also reply to texts by leaving a voice message.

  • Track your fitness-

    It has the ability to monitor your heart beat and track your workout activities. This feature can be of great use if you’re a fitness enthusiast.

  • A hard-core battery life-

    Smartwatches comes with a durable battery that eliminates the need of recharging frequently.

Smartwatches Buying Guide

Here are a few general things you need to consider while buying a smartwatch.

  1. It is advisable to buy a smartwatch of the same company as your smartphone. For example, if you have an iPhone buy an Apple smartwatch.
  2. Make sure it has a quality battery life. Many hybrid watches come with longer battery life but usually they do not have touch screens.
  3. Check whether the watch’s clasp is easy to use or not. Also check the availability of replacement’s band. Some watches are compatible to other watch bands that can be personalized to change the appearance of your smartwatch.
  4. You can store music on your smart watch’s internal memory. You can also download an app that gains you access to the music stored in your smartphones.
  5. This gadget has a GPS facility that can track and help you locate on map as you go around.

However, there are a few technical aspects that you need to look into while purchasing a smartwatch for teenager. Here is the list of the technicalities –


The tech companies have improvised on their display of the smartwatches and now use a colorful LCD screen or AMOLED display. This has made the screens brighter which let you view photos and use apps in a better way.

However, this particular feature consumes a lot of power so it automatically turns off their screens.

Device Compatibility

Smartwatches cannot work independently. It is a companion of your smartphone. Due to this factor, device compatibility is mandatory while buying a smartwatch. For instance, smartwatches of Samsung Tizen works with iPhone as well as other android handsets. But if you use it with Samsung and other android devices, it will work better.

Google has launched Android Wear smartwatch operating system that works with smartwatches from LG, Huawei and other android devices. On the other hand, Apple smartwatches work with iPhone only. So check it before buying.

Fitness tracker and GPS

If you are a fitness fanatic, make sure that the smartwatch has this particular feature embedded on it. Many smartwatch for teenager have pedometer for tracking steps while some still depend on smartphones for tracking activities.

Also, keep in mind that the use of GPS and health fitness app can reduce your battery life.

Design and Personalization

Most of the smartwatch for teenager, nowadays, provide you the option of personalizing. You can choose from the various designs of the watches like the band color, material and face color, finish and size for a better experience. It also comes with various straps like metal, leather and plastic which you can choose according to your preference.

A firm clasp often makes discomforts. So, you should always choose buckles that have standard size which make fast opening and closing.

Reviews of top 5 Smartwatch

1.Fossil Q Marshall Gen 2

smartwatch for teenager

Fossil is an international designer and manufacturer of smartwatches that has received acclaim for high creativity and excellence in Interactive Marketing. Fossil Q Marshall Gen 2 is loaded with features like fitness tracker, display notifications, functionality for texts calls, emails and app updates along with a stylized band that can be customized.

It has a digital touch display with a stainless steel case material and a band width of 22 materials. It has a grey band with a black dial that makes it perfect for both the genders.

Fossil Q Marshall Gen 2 was my first smartwatch, which I think, is the best beginners’ smartwatch. It has simple features that took a few minutes to set up with my iPhone 6. I believe it will work well with other android phones too.

2.Samsung Galaxy Gear S R750

smartwatch for teenager

Samsung Galaxy Gear S R750 is a perfect smartwatch for teenager that comes with attractive colors, designs and interchangeable bands. It offers a wide variety of colors that you can choose to match your daily style making it ideal for teenagers. Its design is curated to meet the looks as well as a sturdy finish that ensures durability.

The buckle bands are available from 6.4 inch to 8.4 inch that makes it fit for every type of wrists. It is made up of flexible silicon that gives no comfort issues and skin irritation.

The large screen of the phone is something that grabbed my attention. The 360 x 480 resolution of the screen is the factor that has made it so. Its battery life is also admirable that lasts a whole day. The vibrant colors of this smartwatch are irresistible which made me choose it over others.

3.ASUS ZenWatch 2 Gunmetal Gray 41mm

smartwatch for teenager

Asus ZenWatch 2 has a Gorilla Glass that makes it scratch free. It comes with attractive bands and case that makes it look stylish and personalized. Rose Gold Case and orange leather straps that come in rose gold metal straps too are some of the combinations to choose from.

Its water resistant feature make it an ultimate choice as it has IP67 waterproof making it submersible up to 1 meter under water without damage. Asus Hypercharge technology charges it within a few minutes making it more useful.

It has a built in pedometer that tracks activity without being depended on smartphones helping you in achieving your fitness goals. Smarter gesture motions make makes it smarter as it reads intuitive wrist gestures.

A built in speaker enables to make you calls when you connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This is a premium product which was easy to pair with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It works smoothly and its incredible look makes it a great wearable.

4.Motorola Moto 360

smartwatch for teenager

Motorola Moto 360 has a scratch resistant glass that is finely crafted with steel. It comes with variety of straps and band that are made of steels and leathers. It tracks fitness and measures heartbeat. You will also get updates about your special moments from social media that matters to you that make it unique.

The feature that makes it a smartwatch for teenager is that it pairs with Android phone making it a versatile smartwatch.

This is an exceptional product that has fully eliminated the need of pulling out my phone from the pocket every time I need to reply to texts and messages. Its customization feature offers an additional solution to make it look fresh every day.

5.Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

smartwatch for teenager

Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch comes with the compatibility to work with select Apple and Android phones. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery that gives a long battery life.

It gives up-to-date notifications with caller ID, SMS, emails, social media posts, fitness stats, news headlines that makes it a unique gadget. You can also customize your notifications alert so that you don’t need to look at your gadget.

Its classic design along with advanced functions makes it an exquisite piece that many of the smartwatches miss today.

It has a long battery life and can go on for prolonged durations. Its customization feature can provide users with a grand experience. Its attractive design loaded with unique features has really made it a great smartwatch for teenager.

While buying a smartwatch it’s always viable to buy from trusted and globally recognized brands to avoid poor experience. Now, that you know the popular smartwatches that are trending, I’m sure it’s going to make your task easier while buying a smartwatch for teenager.