Smartwatches – a companion of elderly

Smartwatches are designed to help people stay fit and healthy. Smartwatches are computerized watches that can perform many functions other than timekeeping. The first models were capable of just calculations, games, and translations. However, the modern Smartwatches can do much more than just calculations. You can tell that the “best smartwatch 2017” will be called a “wearable computer” and can offer the features like video calling, messaging, voice calling, radio, Bluetooth etc. just like in a computer or smartphone. Let us see some more features in cheap smart watches


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Even though we can say that Smartwatches are designed for all age groups, there are some features that are needed especially by seniors. One of those features is “call for help”. By the press of a button, the senior citizen can send their exact location and call for help from their relatives at home. This is accomplished with the help of GPS and the smartphone. You have to get the contact list set for your loved ones so that you will get the notification when they are in trouble. Using the GPS enabled smartwatch you can even track their steps and find your loved ones if they have lost their way to home.

Another feature that will help your elderly is the reminder or the alarm. They can set the smartwatch to remind them about taking medicines on time. You can also set alarms for any events or tasks because they may not have the memory power as young people. From the cheap smartwatch to the best smartwatch 2017 will have a heart rate sensor within it to monitor the heart functions. The result can be synced with the smartphone that is connected to the device and you can monitor your loved one’s health. There are Smartwatches that can even record all the activities like sleeping, eating patterns, alertness, and activeness. If there are any changes in any of these activities the watch sends a notification to the concerned people.


cheap smart watches


Another feature that is needed for seniors is calling facility. If you can get one that has the dialer and message hub, it will be great. Smartwatches should have the facility to make a call, put the call on loudspeaker (elder people may have a hearing disability), and of course the microphone for them to speak. But you cannot find all these features in cheap smart watches. If you are ready to spend money you can even get a smartwatch that can accept a SIM card. The bottom line is you need a smartwatch that can function even without being synchronized with a smartphone. This is made possible by integrating the 3G connectivity with the smartwatch or the Wi-Fi option if they are nearby.

For both best smartwatch 2017 and cheap smart watches, you need a powerful battery to support all these features and it should not drain out easily. So select one that can give you at least three days of battery backup. The advantage you have if the elderly can use the Smartwatches is that you can always monitor their health. The main challenge you may face is the difficulty in teaching your loved ones on handling the device. The screen and font size are small and it is very difficult to read for the elderly. If you are buying the best cheap smartwatch for your loved one make sure that the user interface is “Senior citizen friendly” so that they can work with it easily. You may think that Smartwatches with these special features are costly. But some of the best cheap Smartwatches may offer these facilities. Not only is that, giving a smartwatch to your elderly ones equal to giving them their freedom to roam at least in the neighborhood.

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