Sony’s Smartwatch 4 – A worthy descendant for Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony’s smartwatch 3 is considered as one of the best smartwatches in the market even after one year after its launch. Sony is not much into laptop or smartphone industry now, but they have succeeded in smartwatch market with their Smartwatch 3. So you can expect a better product with some new features. This Sony’s Smartwatch 4 review is an attempt to put all the features of much-awaited smartwatch 4 from Sony together.


In this Sony’s Smartwatch 4 review, let us first see what can be the features offered by Smartwatch 4. The Smartwatch 3 had GPS option so we can expect the same in Smartwatch 4, but much more accurate. The features like Wi-Fi and GPS were draining the battery faster, so we can expect that this will be resolved in the next model. The operating system that this wearable is going to use will be Android Wear 2.0 because this OS is about to be released in February 2017. So we will have to wait till then for the launch of Smartwatch 4 from Sony. Another feature that we can be sure of is the NFC that was already there in the Smartwatch 3 which will increase the possibility of Android Pay in smartwatch 4.

Sony’s Smartwatch 4 review

Inbuilt speaker is another one that can be expected because from version 1.4 Android Wear supports audio feedback. The Smartwatch 3 is waterproof and the users will not settle for less. The smartwatch 3 was not a complete fitness wearable even though it was much better than its competitors. But it lacked heart rate monitor and altitude monitor. If Sony wants to make Smartwatch 4 a complete smartwatch with fitness options it should have heart rate sensor and an altimeter with it. These features that are mentioned in this Sony’s Smartwatch 4 review are the expected features in the Sony’s smartwatch 4.

Possible negatives

The Smartwatch 3 has a design that looks sporty but if the company wants to attract more users they will have to make the design more attractive. Anyone will agree to the fact that you cannot wear the smartwatch 3 as a fashion statement. If Sony is not going to change this design they are going to be left behind in the race. If the user is ready to spend a little more money he/she can buy a metal strap however that is not the case for everyone. Sony has stuck to the square shape for the dial and it will be better if they stayed with the same shape because the competitors are coming with round shape.

Even though this Sony’s Smartwatch 4 review talks about the expected features we will look into some desirable features in the new smartwatch from Sony. If the company can make the charging method to wireless charging it will be a great progress. Another facility will be a SIM slot within the smartwatch so that it can be less reliant on a smartphone.

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